1. rianklong:

    Home on the Columbia on Flickr.

    A floating home and dock on the Columbia river, with Mt. Hood in the distance.

    Photo taken in Portland, OR (USA).

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    I love EVERY single thing about this picture. ❤️ home for sure

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  4. drydockshop:

    Eastern Oregon, late 1960s © Ray Atkeson

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  6. northwest-home:

    Tillamook Forest 2013

  7. oregonexplored:

    Today’s feature: @browniekat
    Today’s location: Timothy Lake, in Mt Hood National Forest, is southeast of Estacada.
    Join us in exploring Oregon, wherever you are, and tag your finds to #Oregonexplored

  8. douglascountymuseum:

    Roseburg Lumber.

    Kennith Ford (Right) stands by a log truck with an unidentified employee at his sawmill in Dillard in 1959. Ford founded Roseburg Lumber Company in 1936. It produced quality wood products for North America. In 1985, it was organized as Roseburg Forest Products Co. and is the largest private lumber company in the United States. 

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  10. cerberus1956:

    Pelican Sunset by fromhereonin

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  11. connor-burrows:

    Coastal Curves by MajeedBadizadegan

  12. louiepaul:

    Gotta love #MtHood! #Oregon #NW #GreatOutDoors