1. almondjoy05:

    Enjoying the #cannonbeach #oregon coast. 😍 (at Hallmark Inns & Resort Inc)

  2. teetertiptotterish:

    for the pdx carpet lovers..

    (via hejjmobejjmo)

  3. luchswald:

    Rogue River

  4. elasticcomposition:

    valley of the giants, oregon

  7. naturalsceneries:

    A very blue river in a very green Oregon.

  8. jerryseyes:


    Oregon Coast on a dreary day

  9. rickhamell:

    Earnest Covered Bridge, Oregon

    The Earnest Covered Bridge across the Mohawk River near Marcola, Oregon, is the second bridge to…

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  10. foodindex:

    Blood Orange French Toast

    Y’all should follow my new simple recipe blog!!

  11. jujuinlalaland:

    #oregon #washington #columbiarivergorge πŸš‚

  12. csmithteacher:

    Nice winter morning in Oregon