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    #Oregon coast. #portlandphotomonth

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  4. Oregon is like 70% waterfalls.

  5. nightblindness:

    good morning. (at Crown Point Vista House)

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    #vscocam (at Hoodoo Ski & Recreation)

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    Oregon coast

    Photo by JB

  9. mattink:

    From the upcoming book: the rocks of Ft. Rock

  10. s-a-g-e:

    One foot in front of the other, up and up until we reached the snow line. Another mile or two beyond that brings us to a beautiful view of one of the four volcanoes in sight throughout the day. A snack, a beer, and then we follow the trail down the other side eventually leads us to a perfect view of the sun setting across the Columbia Gorge. A few miles back to the car in the dark. Sore feet. Happy.

  11. naturalsceneries:

    Stein’s Pillar, Central Oregon

    Source: scrogamus (reddit)