1. hempslave:

    Florence, Oregon

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    Roaring River Campground, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

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    Matchbook cover.

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    Keep Oregon Green

  6. brijam:

    I designed a T-shirt to support my cooking blog!! You should probably buy 5! 

    Cooking with B.S. T-Shirt

    More shameless self-promotion!!

  7. violentcosmos:

    Winter in Oregon cards. 

    Moving from the bitter cold, snow packed winters of Colorado, I have come to both love and detest winter in Portland. The hills and the clouds look pretty astounding wrapped up in all that fog, and it’s mesmerizing and very comfortable, until of course you notice that the rain has soaked through all your clothes. 

    I’ll be selling these at the Holiday Art Sale at school this year, so come and buy ‘em!   

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  8. 3wings:

    Haystack Rock, Oregon Coast

    Austin Granger

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    Oregon 0125

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    Just. Breathe.

    3 Minutes & 20 Seconds In My Backyard (by Skyler Hughes)